Dell Inspiron 15 5000 review & specs

First have a look at KEY SPECS of the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 .

Intel Core i7-5500U 5th Gen Processor.
AMD Radeon (R7 M265)
15.6-inch (1,366 x 768) non touch.
Weight 2kg

In the past, Dell’s Inspiron line of laptops has actually been everywhere, so it really had to do with the time that it got upgraded with the current as well as greatest Intel hardware. It’s an attractive computer, also, with a brushed steel coating throughout the lid.


Right away, the metal cover and appealing Dell logo offer an initially good perception, as well as the visual spreads to the sides and also base, where even more steel is layered over the Dell’s plastic skeleton to add a little bit of shine.

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 review & specs

Build top quality is very consistent, as well. The wrist-rest barely moves, the screen feels durable, and the bottom has a little offer– yet all the parts inside are well shielded. We would not actually have a problem with slinging the Dell Inspiron 15 inside a backpack as well as expecting it to survive our journeys. You’ll just need to make use of a safety sleeve if you’re worried about visual damage.

This isn’t an especially expensive note pad, however, so don’t expect steel draped over every surface. The bottom of the base is only covered in metal on locations where it’ll show up, as well as the keyboard, wrist-rest as well as display bezel are all finished with underwhelming matte black plastic.

The port situation is pretty common here, also, with a triad of USB links, an HDMI result and also Gigabit Ethernet together with an SD card visitor. Inside accessibility is decent: the base panel lifts away after simply 2 screws have been removed, as well as the memory, hard disk, battery, processor and cordless card are all easily obtainable. That’s terrific news for any person that wants to have the ability to repair or update their very own laptop.

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 review & specs

This isn’t an Ultrabook or a convertible maker, which indicates it’s chunkier than both of its major competitors. At 0.9 in (23mm) thick it’s a little wider than the 0.78 in (20mm) Lenovo ThinkPad X250 and the 0.86 in (22mm) Asus Transformer Book Flip TP300LA, and it suggestions the ranges at 4.4 lbs (2kg) — nearly 2lb more than the Lenovo and around half an extra pound more than the Asus.


The Scrabble-tile keyboard has a number pad, which is a benefit for productivity, and also its format is mainly fine– we’re not thrilled to a see a single-height Return key, but that’s our only quibble.

It’s a good embarking on a factor, but the tricks themselves aren’t great for significant typing. The base isn’t strong enough, as well as the secrets don’t have sufficient travel– a mix of problems that can make the key-board really feel unsatisfying, without the movement and also sentence of much better, a lot more expensive laptops. It’s best for surfing, immediate messaging and also the occasional e-mail, yet that’s actually it.

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 review & specs                                                                                                                                                                          Photo credit :

The trackpad is initially as well delicate, which can be dealt with in the Control Panel, as well as it’s great elsewhere– the surface is smooth as well as responsive, and also the switches are light and consistent.

We placed this Dell offering via its paces, and also right here are the resulting standard scores:

Test Results of the Device

One of the Dell’s the majority of excellent elements is the Core i7-5500U, which is a new chip from Intel’s most current variety of CDs: Broadwell. This brand-new style dishes out performance renovations, however it likewise positions massive emphasis on better efficiency and battery life.

It’s the same chip as the Asus Transformer laptop, as well as it’s a couple of steps ahead of the Lenovo, which had a weaker Broadwell component that’s a couple of hundred Megahertz slower.

The Dell executed well in our processor criteria. Its PCMark 8 Home result of 3,658 beats both opponents– the Lenovo ThinkPad X250 scored 2,238 factors and also the Asus Transformer Book Flip TP300LA took care of 2,521. In Cinebench’s CPU test the Dell peaked at 245 factors– just three points behind the Lenovo yet not able to match the Asus device’s 300 point score.

The Inspiron has an AMD Radeon R7 M265 graphics core, which offers it an advantage on rivals that rely upon Intel’s incorporated graphics. It’s a mid-range chip with a 384 stream bus, and it returned a score of 1,211 in 3DMark’s difficult Fire Strike examination– numerous points much better than either competitor.

It’s able to exceed both rivals in games, however the Dell fell behind the competition in battery life tests. With its display at a 50% illumination as well as PCMark 8’s Home trial run, it lasted for 3 hrs and 21 minutes before lacking juice– twelve mins fewer than the Lenovo, but greater than an hr behind the Asus. The situation really did not improve much when we dimmed the display to a 25% illumination, keeping that result only raising by less than an hr.
You’ll definitely observe this maker when its elements are pushed; with its processor as well as graphics chip running requiring criteria the interior followers produced a practical quantity of noise. If that sound is hosting likely to verify annoying after that earphones are a great idea– specifically due to the fact that the fans in our evaluation device spun inconsistently even after we would certainly stop benchmarking.

Regardless of that qualm there’s no refuting the healthy nature of the Inspiron’s spec. The Core i7 processor has the grunt for demanding work software, and also the Radeon graphics core can play video games at middling top quality setups.

Screen and speakers

The screen, however, is a dissatisfaction. Its 1,366 x 768 resolution matches the Asus but falls behind the Lenovo’s full HD panel, and it confirms limiting: it’s not feasible to watch 1080p films on this panel, and also collaborating with several windows is hard.

The display probably will not win any type of awards, either. It’s 189cd/m2 illumination level is wonderful for the workplace, yet will not do so well outside. And also, it’s black degree of 0.73 cd/m2 is simply frustrating– it implies black tones simply aren’t deep sufficient. The resulting comparison ratio of 250:1 falls short to thrill and also stops working to generate enough tone variation to make photos, movies as well as games look their ideal– intense white tones and dark blacks that need to reveal minor distinctions just mix with each other.
Colors struggle with bad precision degrees, with a color temperature of 7,761 Okay that’s just far as well trendy.

The result is a screen without the high quality or resolution for severe job, with an absence of contrast as well as color accuracy being its primary issues. It’s fine for web surfing and informal media usage, yet that’s about it.

It’s a similar story with the audio kit. It’s obtained adequate quantity and good mid-range sounds to make sure vocals seem great, yet its top-end is tinny and also the bass simply isn’t strong enough, which implies songs, flicks as well as games all lack strike.

Dell’s newest system gets off to a strong start many thanks to good construction and also qualified core elements, however mediocrity in various other areas suggests that it can not exceed its more specialist opponents. In short, the Inspiron is just suitable as a strong all-rounder.

What we like about it

The Dell looks suitable and has practical develop top quality and accessibility, and also it’s supported by decent equipment on the inside. Its Core i7 processor has adequate grunt for job and play, as well as it’s strengthened by a mid-range AMD graphics chip that enables modern-day games to be dipped into sensible high quality degrees.

Just like a lot of Dell laptops, the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 is versatile elsewhere. Our $968 (about ₤ 620, AU$ 1,255) models can be lowered to just $510 (about ₤ 329, AU$ 659) if you fall to a Core i3 processor, incorporated graphics, and minimal storage and also memory arrangements.

What we really don’t like about it

In several important areas the Inspiron is simply average. Its keyboard doesn’t have the firmness and also travel to motivate significant keying, and the screen lacks the resolution, contrast as well as color accuracy for anything past informal usage.

Battery life is middling, and its opponents remain tempting– the Lenovo provides organisation features for comparable cash and has a 1080p display, as well as the Asus is an appropriate convertible with far better battery life.

Our final verdict mentioned below

The Dell Inspiron 15 5000 is a great well-rounded laptop for web surfing, light work and laid-back gaming, with practical aesthetic appeals as well as build high quality along with good elements. Various other systems offer far better leads for mos professional tasks, however, so only choose this laptop if you need a jack-of-all-trades tool.