Infinix S5 Lite Review

Infinix S5 Lite is being one of the most inexpensive smartphone with a hole-punch display.

The sub-Rs. 10,000 price portion is significant in regards to possible purchasers, as well as a lot of smartphone producers are doing their ideal to order a share of it. In the ethnicity to dominate this portion, our experts have seen makers attempting every possible point consisting of mobile phones along with quad-camera creates, AMOLED screens, and also significant batteries.

Such features were remote aspirations even a few months back. Infinix has tossed another smartphone the Infinix S5 Lite right into the mix, now Clients are literally messed up for choice, as well as maybe a lot more demanding than ever. Just like its predecessor, Infinix S5 Lite design sporting a hole-punch display as well as three rear cams. Our team placed the Infinix S5 Lite to the examination to locate out.

Infinix S5 Lite Design

The Infinix S5 Lite appears a lot like the Infinix S5 (Review), and also it will certainly be impossible to distinguish between the 2 when looking at them from the front. A 6.6-inch display bestrides the face of this smartphone, and also Infinix asserts a 90.5 percent screen-to-body ratio. The unit also lacks a background illumination sensor, just like the Inifinix S5, which can be huge trouble.


Our team discovered the Infinix S5 Lite to be somewhat taller than standard, as well as our company needed to shuffle it in our palm. The power and volume keys get on the right and are actually reachable when utilizing this phone one-handed. 


The SIM tray gets on the left, and also has 2 Nano-SIM ports along with a dedicated microSD card port. The Infinix S5 Lite sporting activities a Micro-USB port near the bottom, which serves for the price, yet our experts have actually observed Xiaomi offer the USB Type-C port at this price aspect. Alongside the Micro-USB port is the 3.5 mm headphone jack and also the loudspeaker.

Infinix S5 Lite Review

The highlight function of the Infinix S5 Lite is its hole-punch display. At the back, the S5 Lite sporting activities a three-way camera setup, which is one significant difference compared to the quad-sensor variety on the S5. Infinix offers the smartphone in 3 color options: Midnight Black, Quetzal Cyan, and also Violet. 


The Infinix S5 had actually a slightly rounded back, which made it comfortable to keep, yet the S5 Lite possesses a standard back, which is helped make out of plastic only like the phone’s structure.

Infinix ships the S5 Lite along with a protective case, a screen protector, and a 6W charger, which is a little bit of a frustration when you take into consideration the 4,000 mAh battery that this smartphone packs.

Infinix S5 Lite specifications and apps

The Infinix S5 Lite is packed by the MediaTek Helio P22 octa-core processor clocked at 2GHz, and this is right now a relatively old SoC as well as it carries out show its age. Latest smartphones such as the Realme 5 (Review) sporting activity a lot more latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 665. You will get a 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage space, which is really good for the rate.


This phone sustains Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi, 4G along with VoLTE, GPS, FM radio, and also USB-OTG. While the ambient illumination sensor is overlooking on this unit, it carries out possess other essential sensors.

The software experience on this phone is similar to what we have seen on other Infinix gadgets. It is phone runs on XOS Cheetah 5.5 and is based upon Android 9 Pie. There are many customizations to the UI, but it is still effortless to find your means around it.


It is actually annoying to have the amount of bloatware that happens preinstalled on this smartphone. Apps, including Palmstore and AHA Games, are alternatives to the Google Play store as well as recommend several apps for you to attempt. PHX Browser, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, as well as WhatsApp likewise come preinstalled on the S5 Lite. Our team carried out see spammy alerts coming from a few of these apps, which got frustrating exceptionally quickly.


If you don’t lavish the camera gap, you carry out receive the possibility to hide it with a black band. You may also switch the standard three-button navigation layout for gestures. The User Interface permits you to enable a Smart Panel, which is actually a compartment along with symbols to launch a much-loved app or even do an action, like taking a screenshot.


Much like its elder sibling, the S5 Lite has a component referred to as an “Intelligent voice show,” which reveals the current news, the labels of agents, and email senders of inbound messages aloud. It may additionally inform you of the notifications from apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This does certainly not review out the components of notifications, which quite delighted our privacy concerns.

Here is the review video of the device

Infinix S5 Lite functionality and battery life

As our experts said in the past, the MediaTek Helio P22 is currently an aged SoC as well as it shows its own age when you push it. Regular duties, including helping make calls, scrolling with apps, and WhatsApp messaging, were managed rather properly on the S5 Lite, yet our company discovered lengthy lots of opportunities when our company introduced heavy apps. 


The phone has 4GB of RAM, which assists apps to resume rapidly from the RAM memory. The fingerprint scanner, in addition to face recognition, was fast to unlock the device. While testing the screen’s brightness to become somewhat also low, and also the speaker to be actually thin.


Infinix S5 Lite Back Infinix S5 Lite has a 4,000 mAh battery. When functioned our normal set of benchmarks to gauge this smartphone’s performance, and also the numbers weren’t negative however weren’t excellent either.

The S5 Lite failed to manage to work AnTuTu 8; however, it composed 157 scores in Geekbench 5’s single-core exam as well as 821 scores in the multi-core examination. In GFXBench, the smartphone slashed 11fps in Manhattan 3.1 and also 25fps in the T-Rex scene.


Our experts played PUBG Mobile on the S5 Lite, as well as the smartphone skipped to the Low graphics pre-specified. The phone carried out certainly not warm up to a noticeable extent when participating in games for short periods. However, it did acquire hot to the bit after an even though. In our HD video loophole exam, the S5 Lite went on for 13 hrs and 46 mins.


The supplied 6W charger is exceptionally sluggish and also takes over 4 hours to demand the smartphone entirely, which was disappointing. Infinix must possess incorporated quick charging and also included at least a 10W charger in the package.

Infinix S5 Lite cameras

The Infinix S5 Lite has a triple camera setup on the rear. The camera creates at the spine consists of a 16-megapixel major camera with an f/1.8 eye, a 2-megapixel depth sensor, and also a low-light sensor of unfamiliar resolution. We discovered the camera app to be very basic in conditions of the capturing modes it uses. Focusing was a little slow, as well as we required to wait for the phone to lock emphasis just before taking shots. We also observed a slight yellow color shade in some of the daytime images we took.


For close-up tries, the smartphone also required longer to center. The leading attempts were still listed below standard in quality, and also, the S5 Lite failed to create good depth-of-field in view chances. I have clicked on making use of the selfie camera on the Infinix S5 Lite.

There is actually a Bokeh mode which could be utilized to take portrait shots. It allows you to readjust the amount of blur before you conjecture. Images enjoyed this mode seemed to have a respectable separation between the subject and the background, but the S5 Lite had a tendency to overexpose backgrounds.


Water faucet to see full-size Infinix S5 Lite camera samples. It seems to be as the smartphone puts its committed low-light camera to utilize when the AI identifies reduced illumination, given that leading chances were actually a little more beautiful and possessed partially much better particular.


Either way, low-light photography isn’t a tough factor of this phone, and also you’ll probably have to make use of the flash for better tries. Selfies taken with the frontal shooter did social media sites. You have the option to take shots in Bokeh mode, and also we viewed excellent edge detection.


Infinix has additionally incorporated an AR Shot mode, which allows you to put sticker labels on subjects before conjecturing. These are actually exciting, as well as our experts observe can people utilizing them often.

Video recording resolution peaks at 1080p for both the primary rear camera in addition to the selfie camera. There is no electronic stabilization, which suggests that output is actually unstable.


Video recording with a light not far away offered much better outcomes than flashing outdoors. Clicked making use of AR Shot on the Infinix S5 Lite Colors seemed as well boosted for our liking. Camera efficiency absolutely needs some renovation, since the competition at the exact same price index manages better chances in the majority of conditions. Thinking about that this smartphone has a committed low-light sensor, its own low-light end results should possess been actually better.


The Infinix S5 Lite is actually the absolute most budget-friendly smartphone along with a hole-punch display out there at the moment. Because of this component, it looks a whole lot even more premium than it is actually. However, utilizing it carries out not feel as really good. The choice of processor is dubious, thinking that this segment has actually carried on to extra effective options. That’s certainly not all– dropping the background illumination sensor coming from a smartphone valued at around Rs. 8,000 simply isn’t acceptable. 


Having a huge battery does assist the S5 Lite to deliver good battery life, but the absence of quick charging can be a concern for many individuals. If you elaborate a smartphone with a hole-punch display, you would certainly be much better off awaiting another thing, because excessive corners have actually been actually reduced on the Infinix S5 Lite to fulfill this rate. 


Our team will recommend that you have a look at the Redmi 8 or even consider lately marked down phones like the Redmi Note SEVEN  or Realme 3 Pro that have actually stood apart in recent sales. Infinix has tossed one additional smartphone right into the mix, contacted the Infinix S5 Lite.


The Infinix S5 Lite looks a lot like the Infinix S5, as well as it will be impossible to identify in between the two when appearing at all of them from the front end. At the back, the S5 Lite sporting activities a triple camera setup, which is actually one large distinction contrasted to the quad-sensor assortment on the S5. 


The Infinix S5 had a somewhat rounded back, which created it comfortable to keep; however, the S5 Lite has a standard spine that is helped make out of plastic simply like the phone’s framework. The Infinix S5 Lite is actually the very most affordable smartphone, along with a hole-punch display in the market straight today.