Realme U1 with Helio P70 CPU detailed review

Realme U1 comprehensive review

Since Realme apart with Oppo, the company has actually been on a launch spree, launching tools across the entry-level and mid-range price sectors. Their main USP until now has been using a distinct style language for a phone that used a fairly standard attribute set.

Now, we have the Realme U1, the firm’s budget gadget with a layout comparable to what we have seen on Honor phones, but this is the initial mobile phone with a Helio P70 CPU. Priced at Rs 11,999, the Realme U1 deal sufficient of performance and also design quotient to take on the hefty weights of the mid-range section? Allow’s discover.


The Realme U1 might equally as conveniently be an Honor phone(Honor View 20 hands on review in 2019). No joke. The firm has not used the diamond cut coating and, rather, has actually opted for an ordinary look on the back. The individuality remains in color therapy. We got the “Fiery Gold” version, as well as the back, reflects light in such a way that it appears to be a multi-colored surface area.

Truthfully, no matter if Honor did it initially, Realme U1 does it well as well. The gold version is personally not a favorite. However, there are individuals around that will certainly like the gold-pink tones with a silver lining around the fingerprint sensor and also the camera module.


Build quality

The frame of the U1 has painted a slightly darker shade of gold in comparison to the back. The framework itself isn’t made of metal and instead feels more like a polycarbonate shell.

The display screen on the front doesn’t sit flush with the frame and, instead, sticks out merely a little. This makes us wary of its resilience since, in the event of a drop, the side of the display might probably make contact with the difficult surface.

Luckily, there is a display protector pre-applied on the display screen, however, can not worry about the relevance of using this phone in the supplied instance.

On the whole, the build quality of the Realme U1 looks costs; however, it feels just a smidge above standard. It’s a lite smartphone that uses glass and also polycarbonate to maintain the weight down, which takes a few factors far from the building quality.

Here is the review of the device


The Realme U1 sporting activities a 6.3-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 2340×1080, pegging its pixel density at approximately 409ppi. The display screen includes a drop notch that houses the 25-megapixel front-facing¬† camera as well as honestly, does not a lot obstruct of points.

At first sight, the display screen resembles a strong panel, until we really began evaluating it.Our lux meter secured the maximum illumination of the panel at a paltry 120 lux, far below what we expected.

Realme 2Pro had additionally clocked an optimal illumination of 512 lux in our testimonial, but the 115-lux value was sorely unsatisfactory.

Additionally, the lighting of the panel is unequal, with the top of the screen clocking 112 lux of illumination and the bottom clocking 120 illuminations.

It is possible that this could be an isolated concern with the testimonial unit we received, but the really low maximum brightness is certainly a concern.

The low optimal brightness likewise causes a problem when it concerns utilizing the phone under intense daytime. While the message is straightforward to review generally, enjoying material is a little difficult, specifically when videos have dark scenes.


Screen Quality

The display guard likewise includes in the reflectiveness, creating obstructions on the display screen. This is all outdoors. Inside, nonetheless, points are pleasantly excellent. Using this phone indoors in the office really feels properly good for any and all demands.

For the course of this testimonial, we had the phone’s illumination set on the vehicle and also did not deal with problems with it, except for the periodic instance when making use of the phone outdoors in intense light. The 3rd situation for our screening entailed utilizing the phone in bed, in the pitch dark.

The phone’s display screen can dim down all the way to 2 lux, meaning you can easily use it in bed as well as we found it to be an excellent tool for bed-time reading.

Lastly, regardless of a full-HD screen, the Realme U1 can just stream FullHD material from YouTube as well as various other open services as a result of a Widevine L3 qualification.

This means that you will not have the ability to stream FullHD web content from Netflix or Amazon Prime Videos. The display screen on the Realme U1 is a rather underwhelming experience. It is all right that it can’t stream FullHD content from Netflix and also Prime Videos.

However, the 120 lux top illumination is absolutely a concern that limits its use outdoors. Fortunately, this is a feature that can be fixed to a degree through software program updates. However, it stays to be seen whether Realme would really do that.


Hardware Efficiency

The Realme U1 offers the MediaTek Helio P70 made on the 12nm manufacture process. The FinFET layout allows the chip to eat 15 percent much less power than the 14nm counterparts. The Helio P70 consists of 4 Cortex A73 cores clocked at 2100MHz, and 4 Cortex A53 cores clocked at 1989MHz.

Our review device included 4GB RAM and also 64GB of onboard storage. According to AIDA64, the Realme U1 is working on an Oppo branded reasoning board. We first ran our basic suite of standard tests to see just how well the P70 chipset with 4GB RAM can do. Interestingly, the numbers were rather impressive.

We additionally ran a CPU/GPU profiler to keep an eye on CPU clock speeds in connection with the tons each core was under so as to determine if there was baseless enhancing of the CPU core clocks.

We located that throughout an AnTuTu run, the Cortex A53 clocks did ramp up to their 1.9 GHz speeds, yet the Cortex A73 cores only decently clocked their full throttle.

This is an appealing change from what we’ve seen formerly on Realme phones, where the CPU was constantly at its height clock speed while criteria would certainly run.

This moment about, this behavior did not appear itself during our benchmark runs. Though, we did notice was the Helio P70 powered Realme U1 rating higher than also the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro in some benchmarks.

On AnTuTu, the Realme U1 racked up 143431 while the Redmi Note 6 Pro racked up 116046. Even on Geekbench single and also multi-core tests. The Realme U1 scored 1560 and 5994 versus 1332 and also 4861 scored by Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro specifically.


Software performance

In the real world, this performance is reflected in the smooth operating of the UI. Aspects of ColorOS and mighty get the Realme OS as well. The phone is very smooth to make use of, and switching over in between applications is also a stutter cost-free process.

We did see a little efficiency drop while trying to scroll via a web page in Chrome. In the phone’s defense, there were 19 tabs loaded in Chrome already, and we were attempting to browse the fifth, a text-heavy internet site.

Scrolling up and down revealed a really minor hold-up; however, it had not been constant. Video gaming was one more avenue where the phone barely handled to scrape through.

realme u1 game

Gaming performance

While playing Asphalt 9, lots of times were instead long for the menu display and the races themselves. When the degree loaded, the gameplay was mainly smooth, with framework drops being recognizable just every so often.

With PubG, the video game did reveal some. Stutter was evident, particularly when utilizing a scope and the game as a whole performed at tool graphic settings. You could get away with a respectable round in Pochinki if you close all history procedures, which is the most effective you can get on an Android phone with 4GB RAM.

Laid-back pc gaming, on the other hand, would certainly be absolutely fine, as we have actually experienced from hrs of playing Bouncing Hoops, Train Web surfer, and so on. When it comes to efficiency, the ground truth is that for a lot of uses, the Realme U1 takes care of to keep a smooth individual experience.

For example, as a trainee, you will certainly have the ability to surf and investigate your topics of research effortlessly. You might additionally have the ability to unwind with a laid-back video gaming session, and also modify photos making use of Snapseed.

Nevertheless, if you’re going to rely on this phone for hefty pc gaming like playing PubG, you might want to spend a bit extra for the 6GB variation.

Camera performance

The Realme U1 sporting activities a double video camera assembly on the back that includes a 12-megapixel camera. Shooting with a lens with an f/2.2 aperture and also a secondary 2-megapixel depth cam. The aperture on the deepness electronic camera is f/2.4.

While testing the cam of the Realme U1, the first thing that sticks out is the great shutter reaction. There exists merely lag here, which is great. Nevertheless, there are times when the electronic camera is still trying to find the best object to concentrate on, creating a just barely recognizable delay in taking the shot.

The daytime efficiency of the electronic camera was surprisingly excellent. The detail retention was surprisingly good, although not quite at a level where we would be blown away. What is evident is, though, is that the horrible JPG compression isn’t prevalent.

Low-light camera output

Capturing images inside your home in semi-low light are also surprisingly decent for a phone in this rate sector. While there is obvious loss in detail in interior shots, the pictures do present themselves with no sound.

The vibrant variety in all images additionally presents at an adequate level.

The portrait also does a respectable work of subject separation and also the amount of history splitting up. Although, the amount of history blur cannot be changed.


Front Facing Camera

The highlight of the Realme U1 is the selfie cam, which is a 25-megapixel Sony IMX 576 system. Realme is betting on the U1 to be a selfie-centric mobile phone,(Check out the review of Motorola One Hyper) and because of this, it does use the normal multitude of functions such as a user-definable appeal mode.

The optics are additionally developed rather well, being resistant to considerable flaring when firing versus intense light. Skin detail is certainly lost with or without beautification filters.What focused keep in mind in the camera application was the lack of access to setups.

There is no other way to pick what aspect ratio you want to fire photos in. And also, neither is there any type of capability to alter video resolution or structure rates. Even the slow-motion setting is dealt with, and also you will not really understand what fps or resolution it’s shooting at.

realme u1 camera
Source: Youtube

Camera overview

This, in our viewpoint, is a substantial noninclusion. Even if there are no setups to alter, it would have behaved to understand the resolutions. And facet proportions the pictures and also videos are being contended. The only tweakable setup is the capability to turn Elegance AI on/off and the capability to use a filter effect to images.

On the whole, while the quality of the images generated by the front as well as the rear electronic camera. It is suitable A lack of setups implies there is no versatility in the result. Many smartphones in this price bracket supply an extra crammed and versatile cam application, with varying degrees of output top quality.


Battery Life

The Realme U1 is backed by a 3500mAh battery, which does not support quick charging. On routine usage, the phone provides a little over a day’s use; however, it does not strike the day as well as a fifty percent mark.

For our satisfaction, we ultimately had to charge the phone every night. The phone would be carried out the charger at 8 am as well as by twelve o’clock at night, the battery would certainly drop to 25-30 percent.

By the following morning, there would still be enough charge to make it function. Yet given that the initial fifty percent of the day entails plenty of phone calls and also e-mails, having a bigger book of battery is of utmost value.

If you’re okay with charging the phone every evening, there is hardly ever a situation where you’ll find yourself running out of juice.



The Realme U1 powered by the MediaTek Helio P70 chipset. Which ultimately provides an excellent level of efficiency without unnaturally enhancing numbers. The electronic camera is suitable for the price.

However, the display is a big let-down. While we will not slam the phone for not having L1 certification. We did not anticipate that a display on a mobile phone can have such a reduced level of brightness.

This is a significant problem that needs fixing on Realme’s part as it hinders the outside usability of the phone. Other than that, it is a fairly good phone by itself.

Yet for those looking for smooth gaming experiences specifically in PubG, you would certainly be better off. With the 6GB variant of the phone or another device, which is a lot more power-packed altogether.